"I was there for an interview. They were looking for directors to produce an ad film. Not even in my wildest dreams, I could've guessed who I was going to work with."

That pretty much sums up what happened right before Dev Rajah, Malaysia-based filmmaker and producer who works at Astro, landed the international ad film project to direct Indian celebrity Kajal Aggarwal.

The shoot took place in Mumbai, India and throughout his journey to the location, Dev was nervous. Nothing could have prepared him for this moment. "Until today, I still can't believe they chose me," he expressed.

"I was supposed to work with Bollywood actress Anushka Sharma, however because of the dates, that didn't materialise. Nevertheless, Kajal is an A-list actress for a reason. She completed the shoot at one go. I was impressed!" Dev said talking about the experience.

According to Dev, Kajal was professional and gave him exactly what he needed for the ad.

"To be honest, I didn't have much expectations on Kajal. The concept I had in my needed an actress who can be bold. But, she proved me wrong," Dev explained.

During the shoot, Dev also had the opportunity to work with a reputable Bollywood crew and learned a few tricks of the trade from every one of them.

"It felt like I was working on a Hollywood product with a Bollywood crew. The producer liked my work and even offered me more future projects," Dev revealed.

Details about his future projects have been kept highly confidential but the filmmaker did give us a hint. He might direct one of South India's biggest stars soon. Best of luck, Dev!

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