Former Bigg Boss contestant Meera Mitun is a self-proclaimed supermodel, and an actress who've played supporting roles in several Kollywood movies.

The model-turned-actress often hits the headlines for releasing derogatory comments regarding Kollywood actors and accusing Kollywood actresses of copying her face.

Recently, the actress apologised to Vijay and Suriya for making accusations about them without realising the real culprit behind all her problems.

Following her apology, Meera spoke about her song 'Kadichikoo... Iyo Jolly' which she claims to be a hit.

"Everyone knows that my song is a hit but no one wants to admit it. I don't know why. If a girl has talent, let's work together and support each other," Meera said in the video.
In a recent interview, Meera further added that her song has reached a wide range of audience and is celebrated all over.

"It’s a huge hit. I am truly happy and also really thrilled to see every artist releasing song after my release, good healthy competition, but I also insist not to do social media negativity against me to hit their song nor use my name and put my song down, at the end of the day it’s a marvelous success," she added.

However, netizens have been trolling the actress on Twitter for claiming the song to be a huge success when the views on YouTube have barely reach a million as of 25th March 2021.

But compared to the other videos on her official YouTube channel, the song has garnered the highest number of views.The song is the title track of Meera's upcoming biopic film.

Source: Meera Mitun Twitter