Actress and model Oviya shot to fame after she participated in the popular reality show, Bigg Boss Season 1. Her bold personality and honesty in the Bigg Boss house earned her loyal fans who call themselves the 'Oviya Army'. At the peak of her popularity, Oviya was a phenomenon.

While the actress didn't make it to the finals because of her elimination from the show, she remains famous till today. Oviya connects with her fans on and off using her social media accounts. Recently, she started a Twitter interaction with her fans by posting 'What's happening?".

Oviya's fans were thrilled and used the opportunity to dig about her life during the lockdown, her relationship status, her thoughts on the issues prevailing in India.

When asked whether we can expect movies or marriage news from her, Oviya immediately replied that marriage is not on the list. She also admitted that she's single, to another fan.

Previously, Oviya was in love with her fellow contestant Aarav, who is the Bigg Boss Season 1 champion. Aarav admitted that he kissed the actress in the house. They were also spotted together on several occasions after the show. However, things didn't turn out well for them.

Here's the rest of her replies to her fans' questions:

Source: Little Talks
Photo Credit: Vega Entertainment & Suryan FM