Kollywood can rejoice with the authorities finally tracking down and apprehending the main members of the infamous piracy website, Tamilrockers.

According to a source, it is the anti-piracy team who had tracked down the culprits on Thursday at Coimbatore. They are notoriously known for uploading pirated versions of Tamil, Telugu, English, Malayalam and other language films on their website. The site is said to have connections with international piracy rackets too.

Interestingly, the site became popular among Tamil moviebuffs. There were many who have been depending on this website to watch films for a while now, as they felt the price of cinema tickets were becoming rather expensive. This was especially obvious before the release of "Kabali" as the price of the tickets in the initial days cost a bomb.

The makers of the film planned to initiate strict action against the site, coincidentally, after another internationally popular piracy channel, KickassTorrent, was shut down as its mastermind was arrested. Although TamilRockers had a tough time in uploading the plagiarised copy of "Kabali" soon after its theatrical release, they later managed to do it.

The constant change in their domain names since the beginning of this year to avoid getting caught is also notable. Interestingly, when someone asked the site to put their operations on hold during the release of the next big ticket flick, "S3", some time ago, the team with a following of almost 12K on Twitter replied on November 25, that their service will be in full swing during the time of the movie's release, too.

Some of their past exploits include in 2018 when reports suggested that even after Madras HC's decision to block 2,000 domains operated by Tamilrockers, the website still managed to leak Rajinikanth's "2.0" online.

Fans took to social media to express their displeasure regarding the leak and requested authorities to take quick action against Tamilrockers. Meanwhile, the makers of "2.0" made an appeal to the filmgoers to say no to piracy and watch the it legally, at the cinemas. They tweeted, "Hardwork of 4 yrs, crores of money, efforts of 1000s of technicians - all to give you a visual spectacle you can watch, love and enjoy in THEATRES! Do not spoil the experience. SAY NO TO PIRACY! Send all pirated links to [email protected] & help Indian cinema shine! #2Point0".

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Source: Times of India
Photo Credit: Tamil Rocker forum