Actor Ajith Kumar's highly awaited 'Valimai' was released on February this year after years of delay due to the Covid-19 pandemic cum lockdown. The high budgeted action movie was directed by H.Vinoth, produced by Boney Kapoor, and has grossed over Rs200 crores collection within weeks of its release.

Despite receiving praise from Ajith's fans, the movie has embroiled in back to back controversies as few legal case have been filed against the filmmakers. The Lawyer Association filed a police case against the filmmakers for portraying lawyers in a bad light.

Now 'Metro' director Anandkrishnan has filed a legal case against the 'Valimai' filmmakers for stealing the story and characters from his movie without permission. The director's 2016 film 'Metro' revolves around a chain snatching motorbike group where the younger brother of hero gets involved in the crimes. The Madras High Court has now sent a legal notice to director H.Vinoth and producer Boney Kapoor.