Malaysia's Mugen Rao is one of the favourite contestants of Bigg Boss 3. While he’s extremely popular among female viewers, many feel he's not showing his true self in the Bigg Boss house.

It's been over 40 days and Mugen is staying away from any problems that don't involve him, resulting in lesser screen time on the show compared to other contestants. He mostly hangs out with Abhirami, his closest friend in the house. While she has expressed her feelings for him, Mugen wants to remain just friends since he's already in a relationship with someone called 'Nadia'.

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This statement has sparked speculation on who the lucky girl could be.

However, one of his close friends, Irfan Zaini, recently revealed in an interview that Mugen is not really in a committed relationship.

"Actually he's not committed. He's interested (in someone), yes. Mugen is not in an official relationship. I haven't seen him saying he's interested in a girl," Irfan said.

It came as a shock to Mugen's fans since he claimed to have a girlfriend outside the Bigg Boss house after Irfan's interview.

Was that just a ploy to avoid getting into a romantic entanglement with Abhirami? Or is Irfan not well-informed about Mugen's personal life? It's difficult to decide who's telling the truth. We can only wait for Mugen to come out of the house to clear the air on his relationship status.

Watch the full interview of Irfan Zaini talking about Mugen and his life:

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