Mugen Rao is a Malaysian artist who won the Bigg Boss S3 title last year.

In a recent interview conducted during the Covid-19 lockdown, Mugen opened up about being quarantined once again.

"Being quarantined might be a new experience for others. But it's not new for me as I've experienced it in the Bigg Boss house before," joked the actor.

Following the Bigg Boss show, it was said that Mugen has signed several Kollywood movies. Now, the actor has revealed details about the progress of his upcoming movie.

"I've signed my first Kollywood movie and completed a 6-day shoot. We were planning to release the first look poster but had to put everything on hold due to the Covid-19 outbreak. We will resume the shoot once things are back to normal," he revealed.

The actor further spoke about the passing of his dad and his relationship with Sparkle (the nickname of his girlfriend). Watch his recent interview here:

Image credit: Sun Daily