Bigg Boss Mugen's mother Nirmala Devi and his sister just entered the house for the 'Freeze Task' where housemates will reunite with their family members.

Just before she flew to Chennai to meet her son, Nirmala spoke to us about Mugen's childhood life, dreams, and their fondest moments together.

"He's very naughty. He loves telling stories when he was younger. He started telling stories at the age of 2. We used to say that 'you are a Maha Nadigan' even then," she laughed.

According to her, Mugen has always been emotional and even cries sometimes when faced with difficult situations.

"It's true that he yearns for love. Like any other child, he wanted a happy family and at a certain age, he didn't get it. So, if someone is loving and caring towards him, he gets attached to them," she revealed.

Talking about Mugen's tough life before his rise to stardom, Nirmala confirmed that everything he said in the Bigg Boss 3 house is true.

"Yes, he did sell cans to an Indonesian Tamil family who gave him money. It's the truth. At one point, he worked in a factory that made hospital beds but I asked him to stop after his hand operation," she explained.

Mugen wanted to continue helping his mother who was taking on the family burden all by herself. But, she stopped him. She spotted his talent and interest in writing and singing songs.

"If you want to succeed in this field (entertainment industry), you need to focus completely. If you work, you can't go far," she said.

Mugen took her advice and never once stopped trying. He released music videos and acted in movies until his face became well-known in the Malaysian entertainment scene. The rest is history.

Now, he has fans in Malaysia and India who admire his sheer courage and will power in pursuing his dreams.

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Photo Credit: Galatta, Choww Koww, India Glitz & Crappy Blogger