The sudden passing of actress Chithra has become the talk of the town when she was found hanging in a hotel early morning.

It was revealed that Chithra put up at a hotel that night with her husband after attending a shooting till late-night.

While her death was first reported as a suicide, now her family, friends and fans are demanding for a proper investigation to know if there is foul play in her death.

In a heartbreaking video, Chithra's mom reveals that her daughter didn't commit suicide, but she was killed by her husband.

"I always company her when she travels for shooting and she was safe with me all the while. But now I allowed her to travel with him, and he killed her," cried her mother.

She further revealed that Chitra called and spoke to her a day before her suicide around 8pm, and that she sounded perfectly normal.

Meanwhile, a few of Chithra's friends also revealed that they got shocked once found out about Chithra's relationship with Hemanth, and even warned her for making the wrong choice by choosing a crook.

They even spoke about it in a few interviews after Chitra's death and claimed that Hemanth might be the reason behind her death; either that he killed her or gave mental torture till she ended her own life.

Even though there are many allegations regarding Chitra's death, the real reason can only be confirmed once her post mortem report comes out.

Check out Chitra's parents' heartbreaking video here: