TV star Meghna Vincent is a well-known serial actress and a proficient Bharathanatyam dancer. Hailing from Kerala, the actress first became famous in the Malayalam TV industry.

She debuted in a popular Tamil serial on Vijay TV 'Deivam Thandha Veedu.' Her role as the obedient wife and daughter-in-law Seetha slowly becomes bold and independent captured the hearts of the TV audience.

The actress got married to Don Tomy in 2017 and left her promising career to focus on her family life. However, the couple got divorced recently, and the actress has now returned to play the lead role in 'Ponmagal Vanthal' serial.

There were rumors about the reason why Meghna split from her husband. Netizens were requesting Meghna to clarify the issue and unable to bear the never-ending questions about her personal life, she retaliated.

According to Behindwoods, Meghna said, "Many people had asked me about my divorce. It ended. It's useless to speak about things that are in the past, right? Many talks are arising about your divorce, why aren't you replying to these - this is what many people ask me. Why should I reply to all these? I haven't spoken even a word about it in any of my interviews. I think that there is no need to keep myself tense with things of the past."

Source: Behindwoods
Photo Credit: Prime Time & Space and Time