We are just four days away from the finale of Bigg Boss S4 finale!

In the recent episodes, most of the housemates have returned to the Bigg Boss home, except for Suresh and Shivani who are expected to make their entry anytime soon.

Following the housemates' entry, some of the contestants are getting tons of updates about what has been going on, fans' perception and even the finale vote standing - something which are against the Bigg Boss rules.

Now, Bala who was accusing Aari of branding him and Shivani as couples finally gets a clue about the impact Ramya has created when she branded him as 'Bala mama' behind his back.

In an old clip, it can be seen that Ramya backbites Shivani by saying she's just focusing on going after Bala.

Now Bala has finally found out about it, and confessed to Ramya that he was expecting her to be the title winner, but never expected people to brand her as poison.

He further added that his enemy was by his side all the while by referring to Ramya, who in return brushed things off by saying her statement wouldn't have created much impact.

Check out the video here: