The Bigg Boss S4 show is always packed with never-ending controversies, arguments and fights.

In today's promo, the contestants received their luxury budget task where the housemates were divided into two groups, humans and robots, and Balaji and Archana were appointed as the leaders respectively.

But the latest promo shows that the task didn't go smoothly as Archana was triggered by the opposite group consisting Rio, Nisha and Bala.

She was seen screaming: "My father's death is not a game."

Following the promo, this season's wildcard contestant Suchitra shows her support to Archana, meanwhile, Suresh Chakravarthy trolled her.

Viewers, however, are giving a mixed reaction where mostly are accusing Archana of being too dramatic.

But sometimes, the issues shown on the promos are mostly exaggerated compared to what's shown on the episode. So it's best to wait and see before jumping into any conclusion.

Check out Suchitra and Suresh's posts here: