Serial actor Isvar Ragunathan made the headline recently when his wife lodged a report against him for domestic abuse.

Isvar and his wife Jayasree are fellow industry mates, who fell in love and tied the knot many years ago - and have an adorable daughter.

However, things started turning sour once Isvar developed an alleged affair with Mahaletchumy, a serial artist who plays the villain role in his Thevathayai Kanden.

"I begged to Mahaletchumy, asked her not to ruin my marriage. She said they are just friends, but he came home that day and physically abused me. I was admitted to the hospital after that," revealed Jayasree.

She further claimed that he was not only a lousy husband but a terrible father.

"He was completely drunk and misbehaved with my daughter. Besides sexually abusing her, he even peed on her. I complained to his parents, but it just fell into deaf ears," she alleged further by showing picture evidence of the alleged incident.

According to Jayasree, Mahaletchumy is married and now she is seeking a divorce from her husband. Isvar is also forcing Jayasree to sign the divorce papers, she added.

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