While in the Bigg Boss house, Mugen Rao revealed the mystery woman he had feelings for. He called her 'Sparkles'.

Many speculated that Sparkles was a Malaysian actress and model Yasmin Nadiah. Mugen Rao shared a close friendship with her after doing a film together.

When the Bigg Boss star was crowned champion and returned home to Malaysia, he revealed that it was indeed Yasmin Nadiah who captured his heart. He made it official by posting pictures of her while celebrating her birthday. Here's the post:

@yasminnadiah thesparkle ??‍♀️ Thank you for being an amazing soul , bestfriend, a shoulder to lean on. Above all, I’m blessed to be by your side to witness all your happiness Sparkle . ❤ I know there are people who would write you better birthday wishes, brings you better gifts than me, but I promise that I would always keep you smiling throughout our journey of love and joy. On this day, I wish nothing but only luck & blessings to be showered upon you always. Happy Birthday, Soulmate . Keep smiling ❤ God bless you always . Xoxo ? Rawr.

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This Feb 14 was probably their first Valentine's Day as a couple and both the stars gave a glimpse into their love life by sharing sweet Instagram posts dedicated to each other.

Mugen shared a compilation of pictures showing how their Valentine's was spent:

Happy valentines day folks ? Enjoy your day with your loved ones . Dear sparkle, I just want you to know that you mean a-lot to me and I appreciate everything that you’ve done and still doing. My Love for you is without boundaries. Thanks pappu for the ? Happy valentines day ❤️ Xoxo Rawr

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While Yasmin Nadiah posted selfie moments throughout their relationship:

It’s pretty easy to fall in love with someone who’s somewhat perfect, but when things are really difficult with the constant notable messes, mistakes and flaws, but yet making your partner feel secured with the right mind, that’s what true love means to me. Thank you for showing up when I needed you the most. I'm not even close to perfect, but thank you for always making me feel perfect and beautiful in every way. And lastly, thank you for being a constant ray of positive energy, love and support. . . . I love you sayang. Happy Valentine’s Day Pappu ?? @themugenrao ❤️

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We wish the best of luck to the young couple!

Source: Instagram