Kaniha is a South Indian actress who've debuted via 'Five Star', and paired-up with Ajith in 'Varalaru' in 2006.

The actress got married to Shyam Radhakrishnan in 2008 and started focusing on her marriage life. The couple was blessed with an adorable son, Sai Rishi, in 2010.

After a decade, the actress has now opened up about the difficult pregnancy she went through with her son.

In a recent social media post, the actress revealed that she had an oversized baby who had to undergo an open heart surgery right after the delivery. Thus, she didn't have the opportunity to relax and recover post-delivery.

She further revealed that she works-out every day to keep herself fit, and her movie career is not the reason behind. Check out the post here:

Kaniha's son has turned 10 years old now and he's a healthy kid now. Check out the mother-son duo's fun video here:

Tried some tiktok switch fun with my one and only ? Ahhh how much I'd love to switch places with him.. ❤ Life is kinda unpredictable so just haffun when you can. PS: hoorayyyy I fit into his shirt? #momandson #kaniha #switch #tiktokindia

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