Hamsa Nandhini is a model-turned-actress, born as Poonam Bartake in Pune and now resides in Hyderabad. The actress is best known for her roles as Chandra Kala in S.S. Rajamouli's 'Naan Ee/Egaa' and Madanika in 'Rudhramadevi.'

Recently, Hamsa opened up about her life after being diagnosed with cancer. She discovered a small lump in her breast four months ago and immediately did a biopsy which confirmed that she had Grade III Invasive Carcinoma (Breast Cancer).

Hamsa lost her mother 18 years ago to the same disease, but refuses to let herself feel like a victim. Instead, she went under the knife and removed the tumour.

Unfortunately, that was not the ending of Hamsa's battle with cancer. It turns out that the actress tested positive for BRCA1 (Hereditary Breast Cancer).

"This means that I have a genetic mutation that almost guarantees that I would have a 70% chance of another Breast Cancer and a 45% chance of Ovarian Cancer throughout my life. The only way to mitigate the risk is through some very extensive prophylactic surgeries which I need to undergo before I can claim Victory. Currently, I have already undergone 9 cycles of Chemotherapy with 7 more to go," she explained in a lengthy Instagram post.

Hamsa is determined to not let cancer define her life and promised to be back on-screen better and stronger. Check out the Instagram post about her complete journey:

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Source: Indiaglitz