Nadia Chang is a Malaysian model and TikTok sensation who appeared in the Bigg Boss S5 reality show. After her brief stint on Bigg Boss, Nadia reunited with some of her fellow contestants in Vijay TV's 'BB Jodigal 2'.

The dance reality show has Bigg Boss contestants showcasing their dance abilities in various genres, from folk to Western. Abhishek is her pair in the competition, and their performance in the most recent episode wowed the judges and audience.

The episode opened with hosts Priyanka and Raju announcing the "Devalogam Vs. Asuralogam" battle round between the two teams.

The 'Devalogam' team was headed by Priyanka and included Amir-Pavni, Nadia-Abhishek, Isaivani-Velmurugan, and Daniel-Ramya NSK. Raju led the 'Asuralogam' team, including Thamarai-Parthasarathy, Suja-Shiva Kumar, Iyyki-Dev, and Harathi-Ganesh.

Nadia and Abhishek delivered a performance with a devotional theme in which the Malaysian star performed as a Hindu goddess who demolished a demon (Abishek).

Judge Ramya Krishnan, impressed with the pair's efforts, described it as a 'power-packed performance' and gave Nadia all the credit. She also praised Abishek for allowing Nadia the opportunity to shine.

Nadia told Ramya she was worried her performance wouldn't be good enough because she's not very religious. Abishek revealed Nadia underwent a week of cleansing by adhering to a vegetarian diet.

The BB Jodigal 2 show airs every Saturday at 8PM on Vijay TV Ch221.