Model and Malaysian Tik Tok fame Nadia Chang is one of the contestants in Bigg Boss Tamil S5. She got eliminated last weekend despite grabbing the attention of the contestants and viewers with her life story.

In her interview following the elimination, Nadia Chang revealed that she didn't anticipate leaving the Bigg Boss house at first.

"I didn't expect to be eliminated after the nomination announcement. But as the day neared, I guessed I would leave," she said.

She felt that she's one of the stronger contestants and can quiet a crowd amid an argument when she voices out. The Tik Toker also mentioned that she didn't miss her family since it's only been a week or two since she left them.

Talking about the contestants, Nadia called Thamarai Selvi one of the most innocent contestants this season, while she felt that Pavni is not exactly how she portrays herself to be. She even goes to the extend of calling Pavni a 'poison bottle'.

Among the male contestants, Nadia claimed that Varun has the most authentic and genuine personality. He's also very competitive and she hoped that he would continue on the show.

Talking about Namitha's abrupt departure, Nadia admitted that she can't reveal the reason. But, she called Namitha an inspiring person and felt that she was spot-on about the contestants in the house.

Check out her full interview in which she talks about the contestants and her take on them:

Source: Behindwoods TV
Photo Credit: Vijay TV