The Bigg Boss Tamil S5 is reaching its 1-month mark soon, and during the first nomination, Malaysian model cum social media influencer Nadia Chang became the first person to get evicted from the show.

However, Nadia is not the first person to leave the house as popular contestant Namitha had walked out of the show for some unknown reason in the first week. It was reported that the model is going through some medical treatment.

Namitha became everyone's favourite when she opened up about her tragic past, about the struggle she went through in her life without the support of her family members. Her journey of joining an international beauty pageant further became an inspiration to many.

Now almost two weeks after leaving the Bigg Boss show, Namitha has made her first post on social media. In the post, she revealed that she's very grateful for all the love and care that she has received so far. Check out her latest posts here:

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