Suresh Chakravarthy is a Bigg Boss S4 contestant who was eliminated from the reality show despite his popularity among the viewers.
Suresh is fondly called as 'Thatha' and is deemed as one of the toughest contestants in the show because of his knowledge and experience.
Recently, Suresh revealed that he was never invited to the Bigg Boss house like the other eliminated contestants when the netizens asked the reason for his absence.

​But soon after, Suresh shared that everyone's voices were heard and thanked Bigg Boss. Viewers were eager for his entry but nothing happened. Even Shivani returned to the show days after her elimination.

In his tweet, Suresh simply mentioned that he was insulted again. When questioned, he explained that they didn't want him back on the show. Check out the tweets:
But to everyone's shock, Thatha is back in the show in the most recent promo released by Vijay TV. Netizens are surprised that he decided to turn up despite claiming to never set a foot into a household that never respects him.

What made him come back? Let us know your thoughts in the comments...

Source: Behindwoods
Photo Credit: Pinkvilla