Bharathi Kannamma is one of Vijay TV's top serials in recent times. The story revolves around Kannamma, a dark-skinned and soft-spoken Tamil girl who is often subjected to ill-treatment by her own family.

​Bharathi is a self-righteous man who fell in love with Kannamma's kind nature and innocence. But, soon Bharathi started doubting Kannamma's loyalty which enrages her.

She leaves the house and gives birth to twin daughters who were separated at birth. Kannamma raises one of her daughters as a single mother for years before Bharathi crosses paths with her again.

In the most recent promo of the serial, Kannamma tries to save her kidnapped daughter and get caught by the kidnappers. As they bash her up, women who witness the incident come forward to help Kannamma and her daughter.

Take a look at the promo here:

However, the video has been the subject of memes and trolls. Check it out:

Source: CineUlagam
Photo Credit: Vijay TV