Big Stage Tamil is a reality singing competition based on Astro Ria's hit show "Big Stage," which has been running for four seasons.

A new generation of young and talented Tamil artists will be discovered and given the opportunity to perform on a grand stage in the show, which premieres at 9PM this March 12th on Vinmeen HD (Ch202).

The jury is made up of Tamil rapper Dr. Burn, singer Punitha Raja, and music director Shameshan Mani Maran, with Ram representing the viewers. The show's hosts are Ahila (RAAGA) and Vicky, with Ulagam's host being Yashwini, a newcomer.

Take a look at the competitors that will take the stage on Saturday, March 12th and Sunday, March 13th:

Arulini Arumugam

Arulini was a finalist in the Minnal Star competition. Autism didn't stop her from humming along to music since she was young, and it helped in her speech development. The Johorian only started speaking at the age of seven. The 20-year-old enjoys singing Carnatic and melodic melodies but is keen to explore different genres. She expressed gratitude to one Gunalan, who noticed her skill and allowed her to perform on stage.

Harieharan Gangkathran

The 26-year-old Harieharan from Melaka started his musical journey by learning 'thevaram' (devotional songs dedicated to Lord Shiva). His guru, who taught 'thevaram,' inspired him, and Harieharan discovered his ability to sing at the age of seven. As his passion for film songs grew, Harieharan put his skills to the test by learning to sing in various genres, including folk, melody, and even semi-classical. He also gained valuable experience by competing in local singing competitions.

Jeevanraj Venugopal

Jeevanraj discovered his ability to sing in his teens after participating in a competition. The Penangite was also an avid participant in 'Bhajans' and began singing at the tender age of seven. While music has been a constant presence in his life from an early age, the 25-year-old began taking Carnatic voice lessons at 19. Music serves as a stress reliever for him, and he enjoys singing melodies in his unique way.

Kanniyaashree Kannan

When Kanniyaashree won a 'Thirumurai' singing competition at age six, she realized she had a talent for singing. The 20-year-old from Port Dickson describes herself as a semi-classical singer who can sing melodious songs the best. She believes that her knowledge of music, vocal strength, and versatility are her best assets. The young singer considers her 'paati' (grandmother) as her greatest source of inspiration and her 'chitti' (mother's younger sister) Kalaivany as her mentor.

Pavitren Subramaniam

Pavitren, 27, is an Ipoh native who has been singing since he was a teenager. He initially gained attention after singing pop songs at college events, and his major influences are the popular Korean boyband BTS and pop singer Justin Bieber. He's also a fantastic dancer.

Roshini Balachandran

Roshini, 25, has been singing for almost two decades and is a freelance vocal teacher with a degree in music education. Inspired by her parents, the singing began as a pastime and quickly developed into a passion. The Penangite describes herself as a contemporary vocalist who enjoys singing pop, western classical, and Malay songs.

Sasitharan Rajendran

Sasitharan, 24, has been singing since he was a child, inspired by legends like the late singer SPB and singer Unni Krishan. He would volunteer to sing whenever his teacher asked the students to do so during his school days. The young singer is most confident taking up melodious and folk songs. His biggest asset, he believes, is his ability to entertain people.

Swetha Nair Krishnakumar

Swetha has been performing in front of large audiences since she was 13 years old. The 20-year-old's grandmother (father's mother) had the most significant influence on her, followed by the appeal of timeless Tamil music. She won the grand prize in the Namma Ooru Super Singer 2021 competition organized by Vaanam OTT. She describes herself as a soulful vocalist capable of stunning an audience.

Thanushan Jayakumar

Thanushan was first interested in dance, but he has also been singing for almost a decade. His aunt Suguna was his major influence when he realized his talent at 11 during a stage performance. He's keen to experiment with numerous musical genres to better his vocals.

Vetha Naveenaa Paremeswaran

Vetha Naveenaa began singing at the age of seven, and her parents had a music band that performed at various functions. She frequently sang the infamous 'Ovvoru Pookalumey' from 'Autograph,' which was the only song she knew by heart. But, soon, the Johorian began to listen to music in various languages and developed a strong interest in singing melodic songs because of her airy voice. Vetha Naveenaa describes herself as a joyful vocalist eager to try new music genres and make everyone happy.

Vetha Shahana Parameswaran Naidu

Vetha Shahana has been singing since she was four years old, and the first time she discovered she could really sing was when she competed in a school singing competition and won first place. The 24-year-old
Johorian sees herself as a passionate vocalist.

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