Bharathi Kannamma is undoubtedly one of the hit serials on Vijay TV. The lead couple Bharathi (played by Arun Prasad) and Kannamma (played by Roshni Haripriyan) are well-known for their on-screen chemistry and romantic scenes.

However, the villain Venba who always had an eye for Bharathi caused a rift between the couple by accusing Kannamma of infidelity. By a twist of fate (it's the doing of Bharathi's mother) Kannamma's twin daughters end up growing up with their mother and father separately.

Kannamma who was oblivious to the fact that she gave birth to twins, recently discovered that she has another daughter and is being raised by her estranged husband Bharathi (who's not aware of it and thinks she's adopted). In the most recent episodes, Bharathi has served Kannamma a divorce notice.

Just when things were about to get intense between the couple, Roshni was replaced with a new actress Vinusha Devi. Taking up the film offers from K-town, Roshni chose to leave the serial, and netizens are both shocked and disheartened by the sudden change.

The channel has released a new promo recreating some iconic scenes from the serial with the new Kannamma. The comment section has been nothing but space where viewers are venting out on how much they missed Roshni. Check out the new Kannamma here:

​Source: Vijay TV
Photo Credit: Telly Express & Vijay TV