Anyone who's been following Bigg Boss 3 closely would know about Madhumitha's suicide attempt and how she was kicked out of the show following the incident. However, Bigg Boss did not telecast the incidents that lead to her shocking decision to end her life, leaving space for speculations and unconfirmed news.

When the media finally heard the story from the horse's mouth, many supported Madhumitha and sympathised her for being harassed and gang-ragged in the house. However, some feel skeptical that she might not be telling the complete truth.

The comedy actress was also heavily criticised for her image-tarnishing comments about the females in the Bigg Boss house. Following the interviews, Madhumitha remained off-grid until recently, when she released a video explaining the outburst of emotions during her first interview since leaving the show.

"Whatever I said in the press meet is entirely true, but many and even I felt that I became too emotional during the interviews. Generally, those who enter Bigg Boss will only come out depressed. What happened to me, caused me a lot of depression," she said.

She also added that her behaviour in the interviews was the result of all the emotional turmoil she has been experiencing even after exiting the Bigg Boss house. Watch the full video here:

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Photo Credit: News Bugs, Tamil Actress Diary & Flickstatus