Just when everyone thought Bigg Boss Vanitha finally got her happily-ever-after, new issues started surfacing right after her recent marriage to filmmaker Peter Paul. His first wife Elizabeth Helen claims to have lodged a complaint at the Vadapalani police station against the couple.

Elizabeth claims that Peter married Vanitha without getting a legal divorce from her. She stated in her petition that they have been separated for over seven years and have two children together. She even gave out interviews requesting her husband to return for the sake of their children.

Elizabeth accused Peter Paul to have had multiple affairs while still married to her. She also called him a 'drunkard'. However, Vanitha denied Elizabeth's accusations on her new husband and opened up about the issue in a Youtube live session with her first daughter:

Soon after vocal actress, TV host and filmmaker Lakshmi Ramakrishnan expressed her shock at the news on Twitter, and Vanitha requested the star to 'mind her own business' in a series of tweets. Lakshmi apologised to Vanitha on Twitter:

Bigg Boss Kasthuri, who Vanitha banned on Twitter, also took a dig at Vanitha for highly publicising her personal life. But she was careful not to mention Vanitha's name. The issue spiraled into a hot topic on Twitter and netizens started to attack Vanitha for the decisions she took in her personal life.

In her most recent tweets, Vanitha responded to all her haters for harassing her on social media. She condemns netizens who cyberbully her into thinking she's not being a good mother to her daughters. Here's what she said:

Vanitha is certain that her daughters come first and she won't abandon them at any cost. We hope the truth will be out soon!

Source: Twitter & On Manorama
Photo Credit: Indiaglitz