The Bigg Boss show is nearing its season finale, and the remaining contestants' family members are paying them a visit in the on-going freeze task.

After Shivani's mom and Balaji's brother, now Ramya's mom and brother Parasu have visited the Bigg Boss house to meet Ramya after three months.

In a new promo, it was shown that Ramya's brother is hinting about her possible eviction this week by saying it wouldn't be Ramya's fault if such things happen.

Recently, her brother took social media to ask the viewers, especially Aari's fans, to take this as a game and not to troll her sister who backbites Aari to the other contestants.

Meanwhile, Aari has the majority fan base at the moment and anyone who go against him were mostly eliminated. Now Ramya is in the danger zone with Ajeedh, and would most likely get evicted if it's a double eviction week.

Looks like Parasu is hinting about Aari when he told Ramya that it's not her fault for the possible eviction. Watch the promo here: