Vanitha Vijayakumar is a popular TV personality who hails from a star-studded family. Her parents and siblings are popular movie stars, and Vanitha has also started signing back to back movies after making a rocking comeback via Bigg Boss.

The actress revealed on social media that she has lost her niece Anitha due to a cardiac arrest after undergoing surgery in Delhi. Vanitha further revealed that her meeting with her late niece got postponed for two years due to the pandemic.

Now the actress is mourning the loss and cancelled her Navarathiri celebration. The actress further took to social media to slam her siblings just hours after they posted pictures taken during the Navarathiri celebration at Aishwarya Dhanush's home.

Vanitha slammed her family for dressing up for celebrations, flaunting their sarees, jewellery and "fake friendships" despite losing someone close.

"I can't believe that people can ignore the tragedy and pain our own sister's family is going through. Thank God I don't have my fake family in my life," posted the actress. Check out her post here:

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