With its aim to reach out to a wider audience, Malaysia’s leading record label, Rocketfuel Entertainment is proud to announce its first ever Tamil rap artist, Orga.

The newly-signed rapper has released his debut single entitled ‘Porali’ featuring Lil J, who also acts as the writer and composer for the song.

“First and foremost, I would like to express my gratitude to Mr. Feros Sayna for giving me this opportunity to release my first single under Rocketfuel.

“My journey as an artist was not an easy one, I started dabbling in music when I was only 15, and I used to listen to international rappers such as Eminem, 50 Cents and Akon while growing up. During that age I’ve already begun to rap and started writing my own music, until one fine day I met up with local music legend, Psychomantra, and the rest as they say, is history,” he said.

Before the birth of Porali, Orga previously had produced a mini album called Kavibars featuring other local talents in the Tamil independent entertainment scene.

“Porali in Tamil means warrior, and every one of us has that inner warrior, especially during these challenging times. Everyday we just keep on hustling, trying to make a living and fight one common enemy that we all have right now which is COVID-19. We should all be positive, rise together and be a warrior in our own rights.

“I dedicate this song to every Malaysian who’s going through hardship in life. We shouldn't give up and continue to help each other,” shared Orga.

The initial plan to produce Porali started back in November last year when Lil J approached Orga stating his interest to collaborate in a Tamil number. Lil J shared, “Mr. Feros and I wanted to bring something fresh to the Malaysian music industry. So, I came up with the beat while Orga wrote part of the lyrics and everything seemed to gel perfectly.

“I personally feel that Orga has so much potential and talent to bring more flavour to the local music scene, but provided he needs to channel his energy in the right way. To be honest he’s probably one of the best Tamil writers I’ve met.”

The recording process took place at Monsta Village Studio and was carried out according to COVID-19 standard operating procedures (SOPs).

“I had so much fun during recording with Lil J because he gave me a lot of good advice in the process. I wasn’t that confident in the beginning but he really pushed me to do my best, and the production team was amazingly supportive too. I thank everyone who’s involved in the making of Porali.

“The song is a harmonious blend between new and old music, where it started off with an energetic upbeat verse by me and Lil J with a twist of classical Indian music in between, thus creating something totally fresh and new to the Malaysian music scene, which is hip-hop fusion,” Orga explained.

According to the new Head of Label, Rocketfuel Entertainment, Mr. Jipie, “It’s about time we added some colours to our local music. Orga seems to fit the bill with the release of Rocketfuel’s first Tamil rap single. I hope Porali will reach out to a more diverse audience with its strong message. Moreover, language is not a barrier when it comes to music.”

Amidst the pandemic, Orga still rose despite the challenges he had to face while creating Porali, he said “I hope this song will be recognized not just by Tamil-speaking listeners but Malaysians as a whole, and will reach out to everyone who’s struggling just like me, because together we will rise as Porali(s).”

‘Porali’ is available for download on iTunes Store and as a caller ringtone from all major telecommunication service providers and could be easily enjoyed through various music-streaming portals such as Spotify, Joox, YouTube Music, KKBox, Deezer, and Apple Music, while the official lyric music video is available for viewing on the the Rocketfuel Network YouTube channel.

Video source: Rocketfuel Entertainment YouTube.