Remember actress Manjima Mohan in the romantic action thriller 'Achcham Yenbadhu Madamaiyada' with Simbu?

The cute and bubbly actress got involved in an accident and after a small surgery has been healing for a month in solitude.

She loves the 'ME' time she got out of the accident and seeks apologies to those she hasn't been responding to. Check out her Instagram post here:

"A couple of weeks back there was an incident in my life, followed by a small surgery. That's when I found myself having to spend the next one month in bed with a cast on my leg.

Earlier when people asked me " what is the toughest situation you have faced in life?", my answer was " fortunately none so far ". But going forward I have a different answer.

Though initial few days were not easy, I was back on my feet (in spirit) in no time doing what I love the most - my work. I apologise if I seemed anti-social (including zero response to phone calls and msgs) during this period, when actually I was making use of this opportunity to enjoy some ME time. Now is when I realise, I have been really needing it.

I know it may sound like a cliche but I mean it when I say that this situation has changed me; made me a stronger person. Like they say 'Everything happens for a reason, and this too shall pass.'?"

The actress will next seen in the Malayalam remake of Queen called 'Zam Zam'. She has also been bagged into several unrevealed Tamil films.

Source: Instagram