Actress Vijayalakshmi has finally broken down after constant pressure from the media and politician Seeman's supporters.

Just a few weeks back, the former actress alleged director-turned-politician Seeman to have cheated her by promising to marry her.

She has lodged a police complaint against him but was forced to retract the case after pressure from his supporters and the people around her.

According to the actress, she was also tormented with name-calling and insults on the media, fueled by Seeman's supporters. Unable to bear her image being tarnished in Tamil Nadu, she has posted a video seeking justice.

"I believe in Lord Shiva and promise on Him, everything I tell is the truth. Please question Seeman to do the same. Please don't harass me and insult me constantly," Vijayalakshmi pleaded in the video.

"I was born in Karnataka but Tamil Nadu is where I will die. I don't want my name and image to be spoiled just because I was seeking justice."

By the end of the video, she was crying and explaining how Seeman cheated her for years with the promise of marriage and now his supporters are harassing her. Take a look at the video:

The actress has also promised to reveal photos and a video as proof of her relationship with Seeman.

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Photo Credit: Tube Tamil & Indiaglitz