Ganeshkar is a popular Kollywood artiste who's well-known for playing comedy roles in the film industry. Ganeshkar is the husband of female comedian cum Bigg Boss Tamil fame Harathi.

It was reported that the actor was involved in a car crash days back at the Pattinampakkam Loop road area. The actor was said to have lost control of his vehicle and rammed into the road divider, causing a two wheel rider to crash into the car and got injured.

When crowd gathered to help, the actor reportedly abandoned his car and fled the incident spot. Meanwhile, police have integorrated his wife Harathi and searched for the actor in the nearby hospitals - but he was nowhere to be found.

The reason for the car crash is still unclear as the cops are unable to determine if the actor was under the influence of alcohol during the incident. A case has been filed against the actor now. Check out the news here: