In the Bigg Boss Tamil reality show this week, the remaining contestants - Priyanka, Amir, Niroop, Pavni, Thamarai, Ciby and Raju are offered a huge amount of cash to leave the show halfway.

Earlier, actor Sarathkumar entered the Bigg Boss house with an offer of Rs3 lakh and left the suitcase for the contestants to decide. However, the contestants decided not to take the offer and remained in the game.

Later, Bigg Boss increased the offer and many speculations claimed that Amir has taken the cash suitcase and left the show. The recent promo, however, revealed that Amir was merely pranking the housemates and did not leave the show with the Rs11 lakh offer.

Now it is rumoured that Ciby, one of the strongest contestants, has opted out of the reality show with a sum of Rs12 lakhs.