Rajinikanth; ‘Peru Kethodone Chumma Atarathule’!

As we are celebrating Thalaivar’s 73rd birthday today, this article will be solely a special tribute from us to his mass fans.

Rajinikanth or better known as Shivaji Rao Gaikwad, the pride of Indian cinema has never missed an opportunity to learn even though he’s a Superstar in his real life. From taking up jobs of coolie, carpenter and bus conductor to eke out a living, he’s the real gem though. And that’s why he continues to remain the world’s one and only Superstar.

Despite everything, his forthrightness and down-to-earth demeanor continue to keep the audience entertained. On this special celebration, let’s derive some of the most inspiring dialogues by Rajinikanth, which have stayed with all of us over the years.

Dharma Durai

'Nallavana irukallam aanaal romba nallavana irukakudathu' - (You can be a good person. But you shouldn’t be a very good person)

It is great to be good at what you do, but if you become exceptional by dedicating yourself to your company, well that’s when the real deal begins. The key is to be adequate, not exceptional.


‘Kashtapadaama edhuvum kidaikaadhu. Kashtapadaama kedachadhu ennikum nilaikaadhu.’ (You’ll gain nothing without hard work. And if you do, it won’t last for long)

“ Adhigama aasapadra aambalayum adhigama kovapadra pombalayum nalla vaazhdhaha sarithiram illa”

Indeed a much-needed motivation yet positive vibes for Monday Blues!


'Kaiyil konjam kasu irunthal nee than atharku ejamanan kazhuthu varaikum kasu irunthal athuthan unaku ejamanan.' - (if you have a little money in your hands you are its boss, if you have money till your neck, it will be your boss)

'Varumbodhu onnum konduvarala, pogumbodhu onnum kondu pogala, naduvula ennaya yendhu yendhu nu, cha'

Like this all of Rajnikanth films have a message which people from all walks of life can relate to. This one stresses on focussing on the business rather than the money as you might lose your plot.

Sivaji The Boss

'Sagara naal therinja vaazhara naal naragamaayidum' - (Knowing your day of death will make your present life living in inferno.)

Danngg…this dialogue is simply fire.

Engeyo ketta kural

'Kaiyalavu kaasu iruntha athu nammala kaappaathum, athuve kaluthalavu iruntha atha namma kaappaathanum.' (Money will look after us if maintained in limit, if it exceeds the limit you have to look after it.)


'Intha ulagathula ethu eduthalum, onnai vida onnu betteragathan theriyum'. - (There will always be another better option in the world.)

Rajinikanth has shown that age is just a number and that it does not really apply if a person is committed to doing something great. Through tender scenes, emotions and heart-tunggering dialogues, Rajinikanth’s film makes an extraordinary statement yet impact in our lives.

Here’s wishing Rajinikanth aka Thalaivar a very Happy Birthday.

Image Credit & Source: ThandoraTimes