Priya Bhavani Shankar is a South Indian actress who started her career as a newscaster. After turning into a host later on, the actress worked on several serials before playing the lead role in 'Meyaadha Maan' with Vaibav.

Previously it was rumoured that the actress was in a relationship with her co-star SJ Suriya when the duo paired-up in 'Monster'.

Priya, however, brushed off the rumours when she posted her long-term boyfriend Rajve's picture on social media. She even mentioned that they started dating in their college days before she joined the movie industry.

Now a new rumour has surfaced following Priya's emotional post about pain and loneliness:

Following this post, many have speculated that the actress and her boyfriend have split. But the actress again brushed off the rumours with this sarcastic post:

Her boyfriend has also commented on the post saying "Excuse me ma’am! May I?" and Priya replied saying "so how’s life treating you". That actress has now successfully put a stop to the baseless rumour.