Remember that wink from the Malayalam film, "Oru Adaar Love"? Well, its creator, actress Priya Prakash Varrier, who will soon make her Bollywood debut in the controversial film, "Sridevi Bungalow".

The film caused a furore a while back when producer Boney Kapoor, husband of late superstar Sridevi, sent a legal notice to the makers of the film, objecting to the film's title as well as a scene that reportedly shows a character named Sridevi's death in a bathtub, much the same way the eighties actress Sridevi died in February 2018.

Apparently, Priya isn't concerned with the protests and said that she is just portraying the role she was given and the controversy around the film is a concern for the director and producer.

"It is actually the director's and the producer's concern because I am just portraying a character they gave me. Intentionally it was not on our agenda to hurt anyone's personal feelings," Priya said breezily.

Priya revealed that she is actually a big fan of Sridevi, saying, "I don't think we should let any negativity affect us because I am just starting my career in films. I am also a very big fan of Sridevi madam and though there was no intention to hurt anybody, we all know that controversies keep happening."

As far as problems go, right now, her only concern is to make more Hindi films and even has a second film lined up!

"I have actually signed a second movie in Hindi called "Love Hackers". It is about cyber crime. As far as working in more Hindi films is concerned, if good offers come my way then I will definitely love to do them," she said.

The ambitious girl is also eager to move away from her "Wink Girl" fame, saying, "Definitely I would. That was my first movie and the wink gave me a lot of publicity because everybody liked it. However, if I go on repeating (that action), people will start questioning it. So, I want to do more films and improve myself as an actor."

"Sridevi Bungalow" also features Arbaaz Khan and is scheduled to release later this year.

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Source: MSN
Photo Credit: IB Times, Zee News & Times of India