Sanam Shetty is a model and actress who became a well-known face after joining the reality show Bigg Boss S4. While the actress was criticized for her behavior on the show in the initial days, viewers eventually liked her for her diligence and patience.

Her social media followings drastically increased after the show and Sanam makes it a point to stay connected to her fans by interacting with them regularly on social media. Recently, Sanam started a QnA session on Twitter and fans started asking many questions related to her personal professional life.

When questioned about her marriage, Sanam answeres with a simple phrase, 'Man proposes, God disposes' to everyone's surprise. She also added, "In my case it's true. Proposals happened but...Nothing has worked out so far. Maybe someday when the right time comes I hope to see it happen."

Talking about Bigg Boss Tamil host Kamal Haasan, Sanam hailed him as a lifetime actor and human being. She also called him the real Big Boss. The actress is eager to participate in 'Cooku with Comali 3' as a cook if approached.

Source: Indiaglitz
Photo Credit: Tamil Cine Talk & Freshera Live