Paneer is a common and popular ingredient in many delicious Indian dishes, as milk is an integral element in Indian cuisine.

This cottage cheese is made wholly from milk and it does not require aging or culturing. Thus, it is easy to make paneer at home by curdling milk with vinegar, lemon/ lime juice or yoghurt.

Because it doesn't melt like other cheeses, paneer cubes can be added into soups or curries and it will remain intact, making it even more delicious and still healthy.

Let's look at some of Paneer's health benefits:

1. A Great Source of Protein

Paneer that is derived from cow's milk is a protein treasure. It is vegetarian, which makes it suitable to many Indians who practice a meat-free diet. A scientific survey that was published in the Indian Medical Gazette in April 2015 showed that unsurprisingly, vegetarians had a higher protein deficit than non-vegetarians.

2. Superbly Rich in Calcium

Consuming calcium-rich foods is important in maintaining healthy joints and bones, strong teeth and healthy blood vessels. Made wholly of milk, paneer is a very good source of calcium especially for expecting mothers who require it for the baby's development.

3. To Monitor Blood Sugar Levels

Paneer is low in carbohydrates, and high in protein and magnesium – making it suitable for consumption by people with diabetes. Protein is slow to get digested, as it releases carbohydrates in a very slow process. There will not be an abrupt sugar spike after consuming paneer and blood sugar levels can be well controlled.

4. Helps to Accelerate Weight Loss

100 grams of cottage cheese (made from low-fat cow milk) contains around 1.2 grams of carbs and roughly 72 calories. Eating paneer keeps one feeling full for a longer period. This will be useful in controlling cravings and avoid binge-eating habits. Furthermore, paneer is rich in conjugated linoleic acid (CLA). This fatty acid helps increase the fat burning process in the body. In fact, CLA is quite a common weight loss supplement and is often used for bodybuilding and losing weight.

5. Good for our Heart Health

Paneer is rich in potassium, which plays a key role in balancing and regulating the fluid in our bodies as well as negating the effects of too much sodium that can damage our kidneys and heart.

Source: NDTV
Photo Credit: Fat Rainbow & Bold Sky