Director and actress Shalini Balasundaram is back again with a new film 'Pulanaivu', but unlike her previous endeavours Geethaiyin Raadhai and Thirudathey Papa Thirudathey, she is exploring a more serious genre, unveiling a murder mystery.

With a star-studded cast of Shalini herself, Datin Sri Shaila, Kabil Ganesan, Sarankumar, Krithigah Nair, Shabby Ley, Shahrwind, KS Maniam, Shashi Tharan, Desmond Dass, Mardinii, Irfan Zaini, Pashini Sivakumar, and Ramkumar Ravichandran, the film has garnered much attention since the release of its trailer. If you haven't watched the trailer, check it out:

Now, it has been revealed that Pulanaivu is breaking records by releasing in the highest number of cinemas in Malaysia. As stated by Shalini, regular films from Kollywood usually secure about 70 to 75 theatres for its release.

"Pulanaivu will be screened in 65 cinemas, which is a great feat since only films from India get that sort of number," she explained.

Congratulations to the entire team of Pulanaivu and don't miss the film showing in the theatres starting from Nov 11, 2019.