Seems like A.R. Rahman has a small competition in the music business in the form of his son.

A.R. Ameen will be releasing a song called "Sago" and the youngster spoke about what it feels like growing up with his famous father and why he is keen in making music too.

"I wouldn't say it was an automatic choice but it was a gradual process. Growing up, I used to learn music, but I think I really got into it only at a later stage in life. I think it was when I started to tag along with my dad for all of his concert tours over here and abroad. I slowly started singing and when KM Music Conservatory opened, there was an inaugural show where I got to perform for the first time. It was then that it really hit me. It was a lot of fun and I wanted to perform and sing a lot more post that. That is when I started to take my music seriously and started learning towards that, and that's when it really changed for me," he said.

The duo are obviously close and share a close bond, Ameen even describe their shared interest over music and how his father was there for him,

"Yes, I do. Every time I come across a new and interesting song or artiste, I share it with him. He shares the new music that he comes across with me often, and we talk about production and the kind of music that is out there. It's a very enriching experience for me personally because I get to learn so much from these discussions and there are so many takeaways".

"We bond over movies, gadgets, and both of us are really into photography in our own ways. We love musicals! We connect a lot over how compositions play a role in these musicals. When it comes to photography, there are technical stuff that we discuss, like depth of field and the likes. Although, it is generally more about how we tend to notice everyday life perspectives when we are looking to capture something. Besides that, we bond over travelling together a lot as well. I remember having the most fun when we went to Paris with family. It's always with the family".

He described "Sago" as a song about friendship that he has had with his own friends, "Sago is all about friendship. I have a good bunch of friends who really support and encourage me at what I do. So, I wanted this song to be about the spirit of friendship. Speaking of which, my friend, Arijith, helped out a lot with this music video on how to express myself better".

That sounds sweet and we're sure the song will be great especially with your father around to guide you.

Source: Times of india
Photo Credit: New Indian Express & Koimoi