During the audio launch of "Lal Salaam," veteran actor Rajinikanth clarified speculations surrounding a supposed discord with actor Vijay. Rajinikanth emphasised his enduring support for Vijay, dismissing misconceptions arising from his eagle and crow analogy.

He recounted Vijay's early introduction to the film industry during the shooting of "Dharmathin Thalaivan" when the young actor expressed his interest in acting. Rajinikanth highlighted Vijay's growth into a successful actor, attributing it to talent, hard work, and discipline.

"Today, Vijay stands tall as a celebrated actor, owing his success to his innate talent, relentless efforts, and unwavering discipline. Can't help but feel a bit bummed to hear about this competition between us. In a world of constant comparisons, Vijay believes in going against the tide and being his own competition. I couldn't agree more. I request fans to stop comparisons between us.”

Addressing the controversy related to his eagle-crow analogy, Rajinikanth clarified that it wasn't directed at Vijay and expressed disappointment over the misinterpretation on social media. He urged fans to refrain from unnecessary comparisons, citing Vijay's self-driven ethos and his own commitment to individual paths. The actor underscored the need to appreciate their unique journeys and contributions to Tamil cinema.

Source: Behindwoods, CinemaUlagam, IndiaTimes, CiniSpy, FilmiBeat