Rajinikanth is a leading actor in the South Indian movie industry who's currently working on his next movie 'Annatheh', directed by Viswasam fame Siva.

However, the shooting of the movie has been temporarily halted due to the lockdown imposed to contain the deadly Covid-19.

While many people are waiting for the lockdown to be lifted - to go back to their daily routine and get back to work, Rajinikanth has imposed a strict condition to resume the shooting of his on-going movie 'Annatheh'.

It is believed that the actor has informed the director to only start shooting once India has zero Covid-19 patients. The shooting has commenced earlier, with only 55 days of shoot left for completion.

Currently, India has recorded over 95,000 positive cases and experts have concluded that it might take several years to contain the spread of this virus unless a vaccine is found earlier.

Thus, we might never know when the shooting for the movie 'Annatheh' will resume.

Source: Cineulagam