The most anticipated film of Rajinikanth 'Jailer’ is all set to release in theatres on August 10. With just 9 days left, the movie's audio launch happened in Chennai last Friday. Last Friday, we saw the audio launch of Jailer with Rajinikanth speaking for nearly an hour, and his powerful messages have been reverberating on social media.

Nelson Dilipkumar's Beast poor reviews...

Rajinikanth's speech is going viral on social media. It's interesting to hear about his perspective on why he decided to team up with Nelson Dilipkumar despite the poor reviews of his previous release, Beast.

He recalled how he gained confidence in Nelson amid the Beast issue, he said, “We had an internal meeting at Sun Pictures where it was brought to notice that while Beast had a lot of negative reviews, the film did not lose money for the distributors."

This highlights the fact that the success of a film is not solely determined by critical reviews, but also by its commercial viability. Despite the negative reception from critics, if a film can attract an audience and generate profits for the distributors, it can still be considered a successful venture.

Rajinikanth's decision demonstrates his confidence in Nelson Dilipkumar's ability to deliver a commercially viable film despite the previous negative reviews. It also shows the importance of considering different factors beyond just critical opinions when making decisions in the film industry.

Rajini’s Eagle & Crow story…

"Even though the eagle flies high, it remains calm. But the crow is not like that as it will keep growing and making noises to irritate the eagle which will ignore it and fly even higher. Whatever the commotion the crow creates it can never fly as high as the eagle".

His subtle yet powerful message to his rivals is a reminder for fans not to misinterpret his moral story, but netizens have assumed that it is Thalaivar's indirect attack on his rivals who are vying for the Superstar tag.

This a good reply to all the negative comments..

Criticism is an inevitable part of any industry, including the film industry.

He then ended his speech by addressing the negative comments against him, “There are no dogs that don’t bark and no tongues that don’t criticise, and then there are no places devoid of both.”

The fact that he received a thunderous response from the audience at the audio launch event for the movie at Chennai's Nehru Indoor Stadium on Friday indicates that he still has a strong and supportive fanbase.

About his alcohol addiction

Yet again, Rajinikanth took a hard look at his alcohol addiction and called it one of his biggest mistakes in life. He courageously shared with his fans a story of how he came home drunk one night and was given some hard advice from his brother - to only drink to celebrate and not make it a habit. Alcohol addiction can bring immense suffering to families, and Rajinikanth is spreading awareness to his fans that it is not worth it.

Source: Vikatan