Ramarajan 2.0 is a comedy drama that has been entertaining viewers on Vinmeen HD (CH 202) since early June. Check out the latest promo here:

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Astro recently caught up with the director of the show, Kabilan Plondran and its main female cast, Thasha Krishna Kumar, for a chat. Here's the interview:

Kabilan Plondran

1. Please share your inspiration for the second season of Ramarajan.

During the scripting of Ramarajan Season 1, we ended the series with a cliffhanger, hoping the audience will enjoy the series. With the support we received, we are happy to make Season 2 a reality, thanks to the efforts of the technical team and artists. Special thanks also to Astro Vinmeen for giving us a platform in the first place.

2. Please share your experience working with two pets on screen.

Working with one pet was already a fun experience and having both Ramarajan (Foxxy) and Papamma (Teddy) on set was heaven for us as many of us are pet lovers ourselves. Ramarajan was easier to handle this time around as he was the senior artiste in the last season and had already adapted to the shoot environment. However, Papamma took some time to gel with us and is more playful compared to Ramarajan. Our whole journey was memorable and their efforts and chemistry can be seen on-screen.

3. What can the audience look forward to with Ramarajan 2.0?

Ramarajan Season 1 was already a challenge as it was the first time where we worked with a pet playing the lead, but it was a learning curve for us. We knew what would work and what would not. Season 2 will have more exciting twists and turns, with double the comedy and fun. Audience can expect an array of emotions in this series.

Thasha Krishna Kumar

1. Please tell us about the role you play in Ramarajan 2.0?

I play “Purva” in this series. A bold, independent, and straight-forward girl who lives her life by her own principles. She portrays a harsh character on the surface, but she is internally soft. Her fears from her childhood has made her constantly have a protective shield from the world.

Her life was deemed dull until she met Ramarajan, her pet. However, in this season, her challenges have increased. She had to take up the responsibility of caring for her father, her sister’s well-being, managing her work as well as her love life. It overwhelms her, but this season is all about how strong she has been in overcoming her challenges. I believe by the end of this season, many would be able to relate to Purva and be inspired by her strength and the beautiful bond she shares with Ramarajan, who has been there with her through all her ups and downs.

2. What was your experience working with two pets on camera?

Being an animal lover, this series has been a huge blessing to me as I acted alongside pets for the first time. It gave me a whole new experience, whereby I even attended training to create a bond with the pets. The trainings were challenging as Foxxy (Ramarajan) is incredibly attached to his owner and to get the same amount of trust and love towards me in that short time, was not easy.

All the efforts paid off during the shoot when both Ramarajan and I shared a beautiful bond on-screen. It was a scene which will always be close to my heart, where I hugged him and thought of my father and at that moment, I felt his warmth, remembered my late father and automatically shed tears. I can’t wait for that scene to be aired.

3. What are your hopes for this series?

I am thankful to Jhangri Production House and Astro for this amazing opportunity. This team has been a dream team - the entire cast and crew were amazingly supportive and loving. Honestly, it felt more like a home. Besides that, being able to share the screen with senior artistes like Tokoh Sathia sir, David sir and Ben G sir was nothing short of a blessing. This season is going to be an emotional rollercoaster ride, where everyone gave their best again to achieve the director’s vision. I am very thankful to the audience as they have been our biggest support. The love and support has been overwhelming. I hope the character, Purva will be an inspiration to many young girls to pursue their dreams.

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