Ramya NSK is a former contestant of Bigg Boss who took part in Season 2. She was voted out of the show, but claims to have left the house happily as she couldn't stand the negativity of the place.

The singer was known to be among the most honest in the second season, even avoiding gossiping about her fellow housemates throughout the time she was in the show.

During a recent interview, Ramya opened up about the on-going Bigg Boss S3.

"The S3 contestants are just focusing on creating content for the show, but most of them are not revealing their true self. Season 2 contestants were more honest," said Ramya.

She further revealed that Losliya is playing with a strategy and pretending to be neutral to avoid being kicked out. She believes Losliya acts neutral to be in everyone's good books.

"Tharshan and Sandy are being themselves and I want to see Tharshan win this season. But would be nice if Meera is sent home as it's extremely difficult to predict her actual character," she added.

Check out her full interview here:

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