It's been over a week since the start of Bigg Boss Tamil 4. The contestants are slowly revealing their hidden sides, and there's a new conflict breaking in the house every day.

The most recent promo linking Balaji and Gabby has shocked many netizens. Gabby is 20 years old, and many felt like Balaji is much older than the young actress. Well, they are wrong. Balaji is only 25 years old. Shocking, isn't it?

This revelation has led us to check the ages of the rest of the contestants. Take a look at the real age of these Bigg Boss contestants:


Age: 25 years old
This model cum body builder has barely hit his mid-20s. It's shocking how matured he looks as compaerd to his actual age.


Age: 26 years old
Somashekar is only a year old than Balaji. Yes girls, he's a 90s kid.


Age: 19 years old
Serial actress and social influencer Shivani is the youngest contestant in the show. Many of her followers are still unwilling to accept that she's still a teen.
Ramya Pandian


Age: 36 years old
This gorgeous model is only four years from turning 40! The mother of one barely aged at all. We couldn't have guessed it at all.

As the saying goes, never judge a book by its cover!

Photo Credit: Indiaglitz, Behindwoods & Pinterest