Popular comedian Thadi Balaji and his wife Nithya took part in the famous reality show Bigg Boss S2, hosted by Ulaganayagan Kamal Haasan last year.

The couple, which has a daughter named Poshika, decided to part ways following some misunderstandings - and both ended up being a part of the show.

Even though many attempts were made by fellow contestants, and even Kamal Haasan himself, throughout the show to reconcile the pair, the couple failed to mend their differences and has now filed for divorce.

According to Cineulagam, Nithya, who was adamant with her decision, has now has revealed the real reason behind the divorce in an interview.

Nithya, Balaji's second wife, has accused Balaji's first wife for being the actual reason for their estrangement.

"The real reason for our misunderstanding is Balaji's first wife. They (Balaji and his first wife) have a son, and the problem between us started when Balaji insisted to get a birthday present for his son," she reveals.

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