It's been over a month since the Bigg Boss S4 commenced and yesterday, one of this season's strongest contestants, Suresh Chakravarthy, bid farewell to the show.

Fans, however, was not satisfied and showed their disappointment on social media.

It was rumoured that Archana got the lowest votes in the unofficial voting which was conducted online.

Mostly, the official results announced during the show would be similar to the unofficial voting. But this time the result ended up differently.

At the same time, Vijay TV also announced the Season 2 of Cooku With Comali, the channel's famous cooking show several days back.

Now rumours are making rounds that Suresh was eliminated from Bigg Boss so that he can take part in the cooking show.

Last year, Vanitha Vijayakumar who was eliminated from Bigg Boss S3, won the Cooku With Comali S1 title.

Suresh who has a cooking channel on Youtube is now expected to join this new show following Bigg Boss.