Some of the Bigg Boss contestants recently graced the IWF and IFL Award ceremony and was honoured with fitting awards. Both Shivani Narayanan and Balaji Murugadoss attended the event with contrasting designer wears.

During a quick press meet, Balaji revealed that he's in the midst of finalizing several projects and fans can expect updates within the next six months.

"The reality is very different from what I've heard and expected during the finale week of Bigg Boss. I was ready to commit to any projects at first, but now I am taking time to evaluate each project and decide," revealed Balaji.

Shivani, however, looked quite unhappy when she was asked a question about Balaji.

She revealed that she will sign projects based on the scripts and the hero, whether Balaji or not, will be decided by the director.

Check out their press meet here: