The latest Bigg Boss promo shows a heated argument between Balaji and Aari, both who've ended up in the jail as the worst performers this week.

Balaji who was in his best behaviour for the past several weeks even got praised by Kamal Hassan for his changed attitude.

However, Bala is now back to his old self again after his brother told him that fans liked the old Bala better.

Meanwhile, the housemates got dissatisfied after discovering that Aari has a huge fan base after the recent freeze task.

Following the promo, most of their fans ended up arguing regarding the issues online - about the duo being the worst performers.

Aari accused Bala of being lazy when cleaning the house, and Bala lashed out at him saying that Aari made him clean the same place twice.

Now fans are pointing out that Ajeedh and Bala were responsible for the house cleaning, and Aari volunteered to help them as the floor was still dirty.

Aari even explained to Bala that the housemates' workload has increased since there are fewer people in the house now.

Watch the promo here: