Amala Paul is one of the well-established actresses in the South Indian cinema. After the lockdown, she has been active on social media and often expresses her views boldly on her official account.

The actress was previously married to director AL Vijay. Amala Paul met and fell in love with the director while shooting at the sets of 'Deivathirumagal'. They got married in 2014 in both Hindu and Christian ceremonies.

While they were going strong with plenty of PDA on social media initially, Amala's decision to continue acting after marriage caused a rift in the relationship. The couple got divorced in 2017, and Amala has moved on since. AL Vijay has remarried and has a child now. All is well for the former couple.

However, a recent tragedy that happened to Malayali woman in the US has triggered Amala Paul to open about the culture of supporting and normalizing toxic relationships that sometimes involves violence.

Here's what she said:

Reposted from @aisootti Remember those people who tell you “It’s because of love”? “Sneham Kondalle?” Trigger warning: Toxic love, Victim blaming. A Malayali woman named Merin was murdered by her husband today in US- on the day she was moving out to another state and another life. He stabbed her 17 times and then ran over her with a car. The murder in itself is spine chilling. But what really froze my very soul were the comments under the news articles on Facebook. It resonated so much with yesterday’s discussions and videos. Snehamulla violence. Toxic love. I will say this again- Whatever it takes you, whatever you do- never return to a place that breaks you, hurts you or erases you. People will tell you ; it’s love, it’s how marriages are, it’s what is expected of you, everyone lives like this, adjust a little, compromise a little, ignore a little. Don’t. They will call you names. They will say you are a whore and insane and arrogant and a sinner. You are not. They will shame you for being strong and feminist and smart and well-read and motivated. Don’t be ashamed one bit. If anyone says they love you and continue doing things that hurt you; it is for eff-sakes NOT love. Always always trust actions over words. Trust the pain you feel over the words you hear. Repeated mistakes are not ‘patti poya’ accidents. If these accidents do not occur in public, to their friends and bosses- it is not accident. Get out. Get out. Get a lawyer who will not Mollywood Male Dialogue you. Call a friend. Call your family. Don’t teach your child Violence is how love is expressed.

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Amala Paul believes that love and marriage shouldn't be destroying someone even if everyone else seems to think that it's normal. Perhaps, this might have been the reason why she chose to end her marriage and pursue what makes her happy.

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Source: Instagram
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